He lives in a rented room.

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Why is Reiner so popular?

Why does it work?

Heidi is the only one who can do it.

Michael broke the dishes.

I hid in the woods all day.

What am I going to do without Perry?

I don't hang out with Dion.

I have nothing to say against it.


He likes his coffee black.

You are my obsession.

To reduce misunderstandings we should learn the techniques for communicating successfully.

You'll get used to it in no time.

Whose turn is it to take out the garbage?

Karen might be tired.

We're desperate.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

How can I get a hold of them?

They asked me to leave because they were going to have a personal talk.

Do you think Kirsten is unbiased?


I make a lot more money than Isaac does.


Come on inside.


Daylight Savings Time starts on April third.


I was shocked at how rude, stubborn, and arrogant that Frenchman was.

Hasn't Robbin done enough already?

So far he has admitted nothing.

The first time I held my girlfriend's hand was in the haunted house.

Sorrel is an Australian citizen.

This plum tart is to be made with shortening.

He said that he could smell something burning and that the telephones weren't working.

You have to keep doing that for another three hours.

Even though it was raining, we decided to take a walk.

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I suspect that Sergei doesn't do his homework by himself.


We all find her behaviour abhorrent.

It'll be a fun weekend.

I smell with my nose.

"Perhaps we'd better not tell Jacques anything about today." "I agree."

We should lay down a few ground rules before we begin.

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She has lived alone for ages.

The show must go on.

Would you mind if we discussed this later?


It's been there a while.

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I wasn't talking about her.


Look who's up.

Japanese is our mother tongue.

I think it's a brilliant idea.


Cats go mew, mew.

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You're uninsured.

Juvenile crimes have been increasing recently.

The market is glutted with cheap imports.

Commodity tax is not included in the price.

Do you mind if I turn on the TV?

I'm very grateful for your sympathy.

I don't understand it at all.


Though she did not wear expensive clothes, she was neatly dressed.

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?

I didn't want you to make a fuss.

I've had a lot on my mind recently and have had trouble falling asleep at night.

Look what I found in our basement.


I'm still the same person I was before.

Business is looking up.

Ford is bringing out the new models soon.

The earth's ecosystem is to some extent self-correcting, so it is also possible that the effects are being masked by other changes.

Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

Why don't you give your mouth a rest?

Look ahead.

She was so kind as to inform me of it.

I never got along with him.

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I'd like you to leave now.

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I have been busy writing a short story.

Don't worry. We'll succeed. Have faith!

An experiment that is not using scientific control methods is worth nothing.

The fact cannot be denied.

I don't like Shane so much.

He remained silent.

They didn't notice the increase in noise.


I'll get ready now.

This was very interesting.

My luck and my income much depends on my art of dealing with people.

Pierre cleaned his guns.

It isn't that both daughters want to study abroad.

He's biased against Christianity.

You may as well do the task now.


I think it's my turn.

I intend to try.

Above all, I want to be healthy.


Anthony is thorough.

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This no longer matters.


The money needed will be given at any time.

They're part of a football team.

I hate lawyers.

You're not wrong.

Are you the girl Root has been seeing?

Jong looks intrigued.

This is a very famous haiku poem by Basho.


She phoned the psychiatrist.

Does this sound familiar?

How do you go to work?

I make it a rule not to watch television after nine o'clock.

Laura grew up in the New York Jewish community.

I said I wouldn't tell them.

How did you meet your partner?

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Try not to make any noise.

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2, 4, 6 etc. are even numbers.

Astonish your friends by teaching your dog to do backflips!

That would be fine.


Kikki doesn't believe it.

I'm tired of eating fast food.

This is where the concert took place the other day.

Most teachers don't make a decent living considering the hours they have to work.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.


A worldwide plague of theft emptied museums.

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I'm really sorry about this.

I'm looking for one of my sisters.

Into the fog!


Let's ask at the circulation desk.

I felt absolutely foolish.

What I wanted to say concerns this particular issue.

Jerald said the same thing.

Some students finished their homework.

Did you remember to thank them?

Patrick probably knows I like her.

Not every child likes apples.

This is a lot more fun than studying.

What a small television set! Does it really work?

What does this look like?


She's a stubborn woman.


The new library has been under construction since last year.

There is something for everyone at this hotel.

Can you please pour me some more wine?

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

Elliott is difficult.

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Spyros is quite smart, isn't he?

Seen any movies lately?

It seems you enjoy travelling the world.

That should save us some money.

I wish you'd stop doing that.

We needed to do that.

Let's throw it away.

They did not keep their word.

No, I don't think it will clear up.


Hang your clothes out to dry!

Frankly speaking, you haven't tried your best.

I had him carry my baggage.

It is true that he won first prize.

Once on a time there was a king who had an only daughter.

Climate change could cause the loss of 85% of coral reefs.

Adam always wears a tie to work, except on Fridays.

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She lay in bed all the time.

Do you have any ones?

I can hear a cat scratching at the window.

It quickly became obvious that Johnnie couldn't understand very much French.

Swamy is going to explain it to all of us.

It was amazing.

He came to understand it at last.

This is a harpoon.

Relax, Bert. We're on vacation.


An army is a nation within a nation; it is one of the vices of our age.


Can you really do that?


I live in a giant bucket.


He loves his puppy. His puppy is really adorable.