I think I love Sandip.

Little did I think that I would win.

They sent up a balloon.

I will not lie to her.


I'm not as conservative as I used to be.

No one has seen us.

That's a good reason.

They have reached a deadlock.

You should buy your wife some flowers and take her out to dinner.

They have already visited the United States.

That really made a difference.

Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.

Cocktail parties can be boring.

I can't figure out why nobody comes here anymore.

The old custom is still kept up in that district.

My brother is small but he has grown a lot recently.

Could you do me a favor?

She's a quiet person.

Panos and Jelske really are perfect for each other.


I'd like to dedicate this song to Sandip.

I am putting on weight these days.

Don't manhandle the women.

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Tomorrow will be perfect.

He hardly works.

I ate a hamburger.

Italian men never help in the house.

I will go on foot.


Po wanted a Porsche.

In a word, she isn't any use.

This aroused my fears.

I'm still not sure I can be there.

This fish is not fit to eat.

There is no time to lose: my test is tomorrow.

Most students can speak English.

Can you give me a brief description of the thief?

Pim'll lose.


The car broke down, so we had to walk.

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I want them to meet you.

Joseph is so much faster than me.

I shouldn't have lied.

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I don't feel like cooking today.

Masanobu isn't going to take a vacation this year.

What could possibly cause that to happen?

He came out on top.

Lorien has been laid off.

Let's wait for the rain to stop.

I was scared of her.

Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.

That's the least of my problems.

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, in lightning, or in rain?

I don't know Pete that well.

Is the file hidden?

Threatening me is useless, I won't say anything.

Where bees are, honey is not far.

It takes time to relax.

I changed the baby's nappy.

Many couples these days are having divorce ceremonies, complete with divorce vows, conducted by professional civil celebrants.

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Christofer thought about what Juliet had said.

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I am planning to visit Kyoto, and Nara as well.


They condemned him for his cruelty to animals.

I was overtaken by that car.

Both Natraj and Jason were drunk.

I went to bed early, for I was tired.

That's something I like.


Although he says he might return to Iran to marry, his plans after Japan are up in the air.


We slept under the stars.

You made me proud.

Do you care what other people think about you?

What'll they do when they get there?

You should be put away.

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I know that Wendi likes Winston.


There haven't been many movies like this recently.

Why do you wear your hair like that?

I don't know how to talk to kids.


"Is he coming?" "No, I don't think so."

He lay down on the bed.

This came for you this morning.

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Malloy is a little pale.


Patience is essential for a teacher.

I don't know who is weirder, you or me.

Those who are lazy will never pass.

The cops know who Thierry is.

Brandy was due here three hours ago.

Don't make me ask you again.

Wait until tomorrow morning.

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It's not a problem.

I'm taking inventory.

"I am treating a patient", the doctor said.

You guys are all sleep deprived.

Reading is not less necessary to our mind than food is to our body.

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No expense has been spared.


I've been having a terrible headache since last night, I feel horrible, it's the worst feeling.

Biologists released some turtles into the sea.

Linda got some wrong on the test.


He stood up when I went in.


Carol seems to be unwilling to accept advice from native speakers who try to help him with his translations.

He exhibited no remorse for his crime.

Show them the magazine.


I am going, too.

You probably control it.

That's one of my favorite movies.

Something felt wrong.

Wes was tempted to tell Diane the truth.

Spass killed my neighbor's cat.

Troy and Tanaka can't seem to agree on anything.

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I have a red house.

Did Craig tell the truth?

Marcel's defiant.

Shucks! It was too good to be true.

Morgan spoke to me for a while yesterday.

Can I get a goodnight kiss?

Was Patricio delusional?


He could not go on a trip for lack of money.

All essays must be handed in on time.

I think that would give me a headache.

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Let me add water.

Who can blame you?

My punch sent him reeling into the rope.

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I pass by Cynthia's house on my way to and from school.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

I'm washing my hands of the guilt.

You're not the only one hurting here.

Do you know your size?


It's totally wrong.

I don't mean you any harm.

I'm happy to sit out here and chat with you.


I can't really talk about it.

We heard the boy playing the violin.

How long is the Seto Bridge?

The young man is a handsome figure.

I made a nightmarish mistake.

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Kees is still in the prison.

Don't call him on the telephone now.

Could you tell me the exact time, please?


Vladislav was shot in Boston.


You must go out of the room.


We threw them out.

I've formatted your hard disk by mistake.

It is boiled just enough.

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Emily is afraid of heights.

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Can you repeat what you said?

You should have known better than to lend him money.

I'm glad to have this opportunity to work with you.

The women led the movement to obtain female suffrage.

I am Edgar Degas.

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Who are they sending?


An ant can lift more than 50 times its weight.


It is still difficult for me to talk about abstract topics such as the economy or philosophy, because those are not very familiar words for me.

Franklin and Bruno live next door.

Her feet dangled in the water.

I've got some questions for you.

She looks very elegant.

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Are you sure Joel is happy?

Weather permitting, we are going to get to the top of mountain tomorrow.

Do you love me, Rathnakumar?

Anatoly didn't stay with us.

What do you think that is?

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I have one last piece of advice related to handshakes: Don't forget to smile.

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I don't want to talk to them.