Why blame just Sanand?

You don't owe him anything.

We should trust the experts.

Radek declined to comment.

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As the wind blows, so does his jacket.


She's going to sit on the yellow couch.

Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks.

Marion graduated from Harvard.


That's your funeral.

For choice, I'll take this one.

Sjaak took part in a local bike race.


This is a catastrophe.

I pinched the baby's nose, but gently.

If we had been in Venice a month prior, we could have taken part in the carnival.

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We won't start the meeting until Cliff comes.

Give Chip what he wants.

Where did you park my car?

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He will be reading a historical novel.

I'm getting tired of losing.

Has something happened?

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I don't think any more students want to come.

We're scared.

You're my everything.


No Entry!


Let's dance together.

Don't tell them I'm coming.

You are a good mother.

She began to derive further pleasure from listening to music.

Is it too early to call Moses?

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That's not a solution.

Mathematics is the language of the universe.

Roxanne is flying to Boston next Monday.

Can someone tell me why this happened?

You might not want to stay up so late tonight.

He is poor at chemistry.

Do you have a bag?

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I'll call you if I need you.

Marci died under mysterious circumstances.

Please complete the dialogues.

The detective has the crime's evidences.

Calvin's parents are probably worried about him.

I've been waiting for this to happen.

The light is perfect.

We were in Boston last week.

Kris doesn't think banks are open today.


He twisted the paper in her hands.

Francois can't accept that.

To wax and wane.

When I was young, I used to often watch baseball games.

These drinks are a la carte.


Ning is very sure of himself.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Vance needed work.

How noisy this street is!

How was the French class?

James also had a sister.

I've told her where we are.

He began to play an old song.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Were any of those kids Al's classmates?

I don't feel like playing.

He should be in charge.

Have you made progress in your studies?

You are not to do that.

Her book is very interesting.

It's a gimmick.

The food is cold.

My boss is twice as old as I am.

Jeff can't grow a mustache yet.


The flies are buzzing.

He is overweight.

Some people like cats, others prefer dogs.


Are you seriously suggesting we fire Belinda?

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She put up an umbrella against a scorching sun.

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I paid five dollars in addition.

What did they tell you?

Is it reliable?

Matti was sitting in the dark, smoking a cigarette.

I sent an email to an old friend of mine. We haven't kept in touch for awhile, being that the last time we met was over two years ago and haven't contacted each other since. There's no reply from her yet. I'm starting to get anxious.

Here are two stamps.

I love the Fatherland.

I don't deserve it.

Emil warned Darci not to go there with John.


Everyone needs friends.


I want this puppy.

I like her all the better for her naughtiness.

We were starting to worry about you.


She is still playing with a doll.

You're the sweetest.

That sounds a lot easier to do than it is.

This is non-negotiable.

She's just my friend.

I have a lot of friends here.

Nobody called him.

We didn't notice her sorrow.

Don't you think you're putting the cart before the horse?


I'm reasonably certain of it.

Won't you join our conversation?

I'll remain in Boston for three days.

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She ran a marathon yesterday. She is stiff today.

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How about this for your room?


No two snowflakes are identical, or at least no one has found them yet.

Grace kissed Bertrand lightly on the cheek.

I want to study Dutch.


Isn't this refreshing?


I'm never late for school.


I drank a liter of coffee.

Don't believe everything that you hear.

You're wrong about him.

I don't think we'll have enough time.

You're persistent, aren't you?


Did you tell Mehrdad when we expect him to be here?

Everyone ran for cover.

Amos put the twenty-dollar bill that Shel gave him in his shirt pocket.

He went so far as to call me a liar.

John is the cleverest of us all.

He was clearly embarrassed.

I want to be more like her.

It would be better if you would eat more.

Everyone has a right to live.

I don't want Marty to go.

We have to buy soap to wash the dishes.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

I wonder what's going on.

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I like spoons.


More than a hundred people are still missing.

Why did you want to buy them?

Prices depend on supply and demand.


I haven't seen Ramiro very much recently.

She testified that she could no longer control her teenage daughter.

I have a low opinion of him.

Hail, friend.

We're all going tomorrow night.

We've got to escape.

All the problems haven't been solved yet.

Stop taking pictures. You look like a tourist.

That might look like you're giving yourself a gift.

I have forgotten my glasses.

I've never seen them so happy.

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Rumors of a Wall Street crash sparked a dollar selling spree.

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He tried to kiss her.


The important thing is to listen carefully.

Beth was asked by her lazy boyfriend to do his history homework.

Can you eat these?

Have you ever set a trap for a bear?

I want to be sure that you're doing this because you want to.


What's Leora doing there?

I used to respect James.

Go on, sit down.

I forgot to mention it to them.

Eighty percent of communication is non-verbal.

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How much does a kilogram of pineapples cost?


I was invited to their wedding.

Nobody will care.

I think that's really generous.

There's no chance that Marco will be late today.

Any other bright ideas?


Who cares what they think?

How did you convince him?

It doesn't make sense to criticize someone for doing something that we would do if we were in their situation.

Erick told me I was like a son to him.

Tim hates it.